Kay Gilby

Let's Get Puzzling It Out Together!

How’s your life going???

Are you feeling happy and fulfilled?

Will you love doing what you are currently doing for the rest of your life?

Do you have great relationships and work/life balance?

If your response is in the negative then now is the time to do something about it.

So what can you do?

Maybe you’ve already changed paths once (or several times), searched the internet, tried some other alternatives but you are still here on a quest . . . trying to puzzle it out.

Are you wondering where the time goes and when you will see lasting results from investing time and effort in yourself???

These are tough questions for many of us, especially in the current economic climate and for those of us who don’t readily conform to the common ‘norm’ (whatever that is)

Maybe you know you hinder yourself, resisting progress, hitting those same obstacles time and time again . . .

Coaching can help you be comfortable with yourself, achieve lasting changes, find the true you, reach your potential.

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Self development has always been key to Kay’s life, taking her confidently into new and exciting experiences. Working with people to help them live their best life NOW at work & home has underpinned Kay’s business development in recent years, ultimately taking her into the coaching arena.

Becoming a Certified Coach became important to her, enabling her to confidently help others focus on identifying their values and beliefs, cope with overwhelm, take realistic and accountable steps to achieve their best lives. If you are looking for a collaborative coach who is inclusive, warm, caring and gentle, yet firmly enough to keep you progressing towards agreed clear goals then:

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 What clients say about Kay:


Rebecca, update

"Thanks to your hours of coaching, guidance and love, all of which have had such an impact on my life, my new manager could not believe 'managing stress' and 'managing emotional reactions to work' were personal objectives last year. She said 'I don't know what you've done this year but it certainly worked. You are one of the more self aware people I've met'

I really believe that you helped me get to this place and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to have had the pleasure of working with you. You're BLOOMING BRILLIANT!"


Andrea Happel     

"Kay has the gift of encouragement, and she is a great listener.  I had the privilege of working with Kay during my Intermediate course work.  She asks thoughtful questions that cause me to explore more deeply.  I appreciated her down-to-earth style, always looking forward to reporting my progress.  Kay constantly put my focus on the future.  With Kay’s support, I was able to take huge strides forward in clarifying my purpose, getting my daily life in order, and sorting out personal life issues (funny how those pop up even when you are working on business).  Kay checked in with me between sessions.  That helped me to stay on the path toward realizing my own dreams.  I know that I will schedule with Kay again throughout the development of my online business.  I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Kay."


“Working with my coach, Kay, has been a really valuable experience. I have greater clarity about aspects of my life where I was feeling stuck and am developing the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone in order to develop my professional and personal relationships.”


"Now, Kay is a wonderful coach and a wonderfully vibrant person. She is really a joy to work with. The sessions I had with Kay really delved deep into who I am, and so I was not only able to come way with new perspectives but also become a better version of myself. She makes things upbeat and fun, and it is of course always enjoyable to work with someone who has a great sense of humour. The sessions where always really open and refreshing, and I left each one feeling more energised. As a coach, she guided me and nudged me where necessary when I went a bit off track. Throughout the process, she helped me to stay focused but also, crucially change my ways. I came away from her sessions more at peace and they really did have an impact on my daily life. So if you are looking for someone who will instantly make you feel comfortable and at ease but also gently challenge you and bring about change in your life, then Kay could be the coach for you."

Rebecca  (please also see update)

“Kay has helped me gain perspective and confidence in myself at a time I was struggling to focus on what I wanted in my life, let alone that day.

It was an opportunity to discuss and think about my own aims and goals in a friendly and professional environment, and it has also helped me to achieve them too!

 Having someone to guide you whilst thinking out loud is invaluable and I am hugely grateful for the positive influence this has had on the way I deal with the good and the bad. Thank you!”

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Coaching Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Confidence BuildingCompleting BC100 or IC200 Course Requirements 75 credits
60 min.
Are you concerned about completing all the requirements that you need for BC100 or IC200? If you are, I’m here to help you identify where you are at and support you through the process so you keep yourself on track. Sessions must be weekdays between 10am and 4pm UK time, by mutual agreement (that’s 2am-8am Pacific time).
Life CoachingMaking life changes! 75 credits
60 min.
Do you want a confidence boost, need more clarity or to get un-stuck? Kay’s coaching goes step by step at your pace, to help you make these and other changes, enabling you to find peace and become more energised. By gently challenging disabling perspectives and helping you unearth ones that serve you well, you really can make life changes. The times shown available are Pacific Standard Time – I work in the UK using Skype calls flexibly Monday to Friday, usually 10am – 4pm. I also coach some clients by email. Please contact me if what you want isn’t here!
Career TransitionsPuzzling it out! 75 credits
60 min.
Planned or forced career changes can be truly challenging. What will you do next? What shape will your new life take? Coaching with Kay offers you a safe haven to explore your options as you move from one career to another or into retirement, helping you puzzle out what YOU would like to achieve at your own pace, in your own way. The times shown available are Pacific Standard Time – I work in the UK using Skype calls flexibly Monday to Friday, usually 10am – 4pm. I also coach some clients by email. Please contact me if what you want isn’t here!
Work-Life BalancePuzzling out a realistic work-life balance! 75 credits
60 min.
Do you want to a better work/life balance? Are you going round in circles or feeling overwhelmed? Kay will help you explore your personal choices, goals and options as you begin to piece together a new jigsaw puzzle of what you REALISTICALLY want, step by step. The times shown available are Pacific Standard Time – I work in the UK using Skype calls flexibly Monday to Friday, usually 10am – 4pm. I also coach some clients by email. Please contact me if what you want isn’t here!

Consulting Sessions by Topic:

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